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Our Company selects the appropriate fighting chemicals which can vary according to each and every place. In case of high amount of pests, agricultural medicines and effervescent can also be used if required therefore, the areas should be kept closed and not entered following the application of insecticides for a period determined through our company's authorized employee and be ventilated not less than the recommended times while other measures to be offered should be taken. Our company furnishes the necessary training, tools and equipments to the employees who will apply insecticides. Inasmuch as our machines are new and well-maintained machines and are produced with advanced technology which can ensure the best possible application of insecticides in the shortest time possible, they will not cause any damage to the spaces. The utmost attention and care is given to ensure that the most appropriate chemicals are selected thanks to our company's experience gained over numerous years in chemical selection and with the support of the chemical / agricultural engineers, pharmacologists, drug manufacturers and pharmacists. The long-term elimination of flies, lice, flea, mice, cockroaches, moths etc. as well as winged and wingless insects and scorpions are carried out by the methods specified below.

Gel Insecticide Method

The insect eating the insecticide returns to its nest and dies there and other insects in the nest eat its dead body in the gel insecticide method. In this way insects eating the insect's dead body also die and this action continues in a chain reaction. This gel insecticide method has been used in our country since 2000. It is effective for a long time. It is an effective form of insecticide especially for cockroaches. Meanwhile it is a healthy method for the environment and human beings. * Not harmful to pets. * Has no smell. * You don't have to close doors and windows. * You don't have to leave home. * You do not need to make any preparation before or any cleaning after the application. * Has long lasting effects.

Fogging Method

The liquid and pesticidal chemicals effective in this method are made thinner in the size of molecular particles and sprayed into the air by virtue of electric special machines and an intense poisonous fog layer is formed and in this way the flying insects as well as insects in curtain folds and chandeliers breathe it for a long time and can be killed. After some hours, the poisonous fog which reaches to the ground, kills the pests which have penetrated deep into the surface of carpets, parquet or other materials and even destroys the nests. This method is recommended especially for places with intense pest problems. Its effect continue for months if the measures to be taken against pest reproduction are observed (such as not putting food in drawers and cabinets and not making the living spaces convenient for breeding of bacteria).

Spraying Method

Chemicals and solutions are sprayed by virtue of mechanical sprayers to air and the bottom corners in this method of fighting against pests. Usage of this method is more suitable in the basement, ground floors, open air and garden areas. It is effective for longer time against especially flying and walking pests.

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