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Industrial Cleaning

Carrying out cleaning services of industrial areas and the creation of hygienic environment increase working and business efficiency and reduces the loss of labor to minimum. Cleaning services are carried out through our company by virtue of machines, equipments and materials selected in line with the type of application and at intervals or shifts determined by our experienced personnel subsequent to determination of the areas to be cleaned by us.

Scope of Services;

  • Cleaning of Production Areas,
  • Cleaning of Machines - Equipments,
  • Cleaning of Containers,
  • Cleaning of Factories,
  • Cleaning of Depots and Warehouses,
  • Cleaning of External Environments
  • Cleaning of Air Conditioners

General Cleaning Services

No matter the places you are in may be new or modern, places which are not clean and well-maintained lose their features of being new, modern and sumptuous. More importantly, the most important means of protecting mainly the health of a person as well as the health of others is cleaning. We attach importance to furnishing the best service to our esteemed clientele in all living spaces. Accordingly our company conducts all kinds of general cleaning services to be required by virtue of equipments, materials and trained employees at international standards. We, as Biotem, are delighted to offer our esteemed clientele the best and quality services in the most affordable and prompt way in line with our target.

Cleaning Subsequent to Construction and Renovation

A 2-stage cleaning is carried out after the completion of construction or renovation. Cleaning is done firstly. In the project, cleaning methods, machinery, equipment and materials to be utilized in cleaning, work flow and delivery time are announced and the cleaning is performed following your approval.

Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning of the exterior façades of the buildings is projected according to the location of the façade and the material used in the façade. Cleaning is carried out through our expert teams subsequent to taking the required security measures, through utilization of suspended scaffold, moving lift from the floor or by crane according to the scope of the project.

Floor Polishing and Maintenance Services

Way of application of the polish and maintenance to be made subsequently depends on the type of the floor where the application will be carried out. This service is performed subsequent to determining which method will be more appropriate by us by virtue of the machines, equipments and materials selected depending on the type of application through our experienced employees . Your floor will have a longer life inasmuch as it becomes stronger and protected from deformation following the cited application.

Glass Cleaning

Our experienced staff performs all types of glass cleaning, frame cleaning, cleaning of partition glass, cleaning of glass doors and cleaning of roofs made of glass through utilization of suitable equipments.

Wall Cleaning

Our experienced staff in its field will carry out wall cleaning in all the places if the wall paint is suitable for cleaning with 100% good result guarantee by virtue of equipments suitable for wall cleaning .

Carpet and Seat Cleaning

Carpet and seat cleaning is performed through utilization of various methods. The cleaning method is selected according to the type of carpet and seat, the level of dirtiness and usage condition. Carpets and seats are cleaned by virtue of machines and equipments and not by using hand.

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